Textile artist`s Aina Muze (1943-2017) exhibition “Endless thread “ from January 3 - 31, 2020 held in Riga Latvian Society House White Hall.

From the 20th century In the 1960s the name of Aina Muzė was inextricably linked with the boom of Latvian textile art, and her works were rightly credited with the Latvian Textile “Gold Foundation”.

Aina Muze is one of the most prominent representatives of the Latvian textile industry, and her creative heritage confirms that she has always taken innovative paths, including her artistic pursuits in various fields of textile art. The artist has worked in a variety of weaving techniques, but her professional performance is most evident in large-scale tapestry compositions, featuring both abstract solutions and stylized figurative motifs, expressing folklore, history and sacred themes in emotionally saturated characters and symbols.

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