exhibition IN THE WEB OF OUR ERA

Exhibition of Association of Latvian textile art “In the web of our era” at Kuressaare Palace, in Estonia, is designed to see and highlight the shared and at the same time different views of the two nations in Latvia and Estonia. Today’s vision of artists expresses a true reverence and love for their land, the common history of both nations and the spotlights in the world. To feel today, to understand the past, to express own attitude, to highlight the common between Latvia and Estonia, we need a variety of views. This time we watch through different networks, in different stories. Today, the concept of a network has many and different meanings, ranging from weaving, lines to local networks, computers, railways, highways and data networks, which form a unique story and experience when they connected and overlapped.

A collection of textile works consists of works of different generations of artists represented in the performance of different techniques: classical tapestry, digital tapestry, felting, embroidery, experiments in material, various artist`s own techniques and textile objects.

Artists participate in the exhibition: Edīte Pauls-Vīgnere, Ruta Bogustova, Irisa Blumate, Aija Baumane, Inese Jakobi, Dzintra Vilks, Mārīte Leimane, Mare Vijupe, Baiba Osīte, Ilona Linarte-Ruža, Dace Pudāne, Ieva Krūmiņa, Barbara Ābele, Elīna Lūsis-Grīnberga, Arnis Pumpurs, Andra Dīriņa, Ruta Linīte, Jānis Bankovičs, Antra Augustinoviča, Ingrīda Sūna, Astra Rubene, Andra Kurzemniece, Antra Saliņa, Jānis Trops, Elīna Veilande-Apine, Diāna Janušone, Maija Začeste, Daina Dagnija, Dina Baumane, Līva Kaprāle, Rita Ļegčigina-Broka, Liene Ratnika, Maija Purgaile, Elīna Genīte, Ingrīda Rutka, Irēna Andrejeva, Kintija Avena

Exhibition “In the web of our era”

23. 05 – 23. 06. 2019