TILL 29 September 2019, the Museum of Decorative Arts and Design in Riga (Skārņu iela 10) will present the museum’s 30th anniversary exhibition EXPOSING THE HIDDEN.

The exhibition EXPOSING THE HIDDEN is built as a cycle of stories telling about the ways in which objects enter the museum. These routes of entry vary and are determined by different factors: the principles of the state’s cultural policy, economic situation, shifts in values and priorities in collection management, also various coincidences. Over the course of thirty years, many changes have taken place in our country and society, logically influencing the development of the museum. Today MDAD wants to take a complex look at this set of questions, reflecting on the future perspective of the museum and its collection.

more : http://www.lnmm.lv/en/visit/exhibitions/6567-exposing-the-hidden

The museum’s inventory consists of a variety of collections: ceramic and porcelain, metal art, leather art, decorative art, glass art, design collection, and also textile arts. In this time the exhibition shows and highlights the following Latvian and foreign textile artists :

Julijs Madernieks (1870-1955), Staburags, 1924, wool, linen, tapestry

Rūdolfs Heimrāts (1926-1992) In the garden,1987, wool, linen, tapestry

Georgs Barkans (1925-2010) The captured unicorn, 2002, wool, flax, mixed technique

Dzintra Vilks, Non-international reason , 1989, wool, cotton, synthetics, mixed technique

Arvids Sodums (1919-2018) Last boat, 1980, executed by Lydia Bekleshov and Sergey Bekleshov, linen fabric, wool yarn, embroidery

Ieva Krumina, Witnesses 2015, polyethylene, printing, individual technique

Egils Rozenbergs, Marks, 2013, wool, linen, tapestry

Peteris Sidars, Spring in Alsunga, 1986, wool, linen, tapestry

Kari Dyrdal, Norway, Lodd- Weights, 2009, cotton, viscose, digital weave

Kyoko Kumai, Japan, Celebration, 2017, stainless steel line, coloured titanium tapes, plain weave